The Park Legacy Program

Through our Park Legacy Program, The Park People helps park lovers celebrate a special event, such as a birth or anniversary, or honor the memory of a loved one. 


Brick Memory Pavers

Just behind the Eugene Field House, a historic cottage in Washington Park, is a unique shade garden which is home to scores of personally inscribed brick pavers. It is a peaceful and quiet space, enjoyed by hundreds every year as they visit Wash Park. The cost for an engraved paver is $50.


Tribute Trees

Through our Park Legacy Program we are also able to plant "Tribute Trees," often in specific parks, to honor a special event or  in memoriam. We work closely with the Department of Parks and Recreation to make sure that we plant the right tree in the right place, to give each tree the best opportunity to thrive. However, should a Tribute Tree not survive, DPR will replace the tree at no cost.   

We take requests for Tribute Trees throughout the year but the majority are planted in September and early October. The cost for a Tribute Tree is $500.

Please call 303-722-6262 or email to learn more.