Earth Day Yard Tree Sale

Plant a tree in your yard to add color, shade, or edibles to your landscape!  The Park People's annual Earth Day Yard Tree Sale offers great deals and supports the hundreds of low-cost trees we distribute to Denver residents each year. Trees are available in limited quantities and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

While this year's sale has come and went, feel free to look here to see the types of trees we offer. 

Yard trees must be planted on private property (not in the public right-of-way).  Planting along the street requires a site inspection and issuance of a City permit in advance.

Available Tree Species (limited quantities; sold on a first-come, first-served basis):
Honeycrisp Apple - $65
In mid-September, the Honeycrisp Apple produces medium-sized fruits with coarse, cream-colored flesh, exceptionally crisp, juicy texture, and sweet/tart flavor.  The apples are excellent for fresh eating and for cooking and store up to six months.  The tree matures to 15-20 feet tall and is self-sterile, requiring a cross-pollinator (another apple or crabapple variety).
Toka Plum - $65
The hardy Toka Plum features heavy crops of fruit with reddish-bronze skin and richly flavored, apricot-colored flesh.  This semi-dwarf European plum ripens in August and needs a cross pollinator in order to bear fruit.  Its mature height is 15-20 feet with a 15-20-foot spread.
Cleveland Select Flowering Pear - $65
Maturing to 30 feet tall and 15 feet wide, this pyramidal pear tree's compact form fits nicely into narrow spaces. It has profuse white flowers in the spring and glossy green foliage that turns reddish purple in the fall. The Cleveland Select also has good fireblight resistance, is less susceptible to early freezes than other pear varieties, and features fruit only a half-inch wide.
Skyline Honeylocust - $65
This popular honeylocust has a strong, straight trunk, upright spreading branches, and is broadly pyramidal. It is thornless and podless and prized for its hardiness in urban settings and drought. Growing 45 feet high and wide, the honeylocust's small leaflets cast a light shade and turn a golden yellow in autumn.
Redmond American Linden - $45
This linden has a uniform, tightly pyramidal form and reaches roughly 55 feet in height and 25 feet in width at maturity. Its large heart-shaped leaves are glossy green in the summer and turn light yellow or green in the fall. Summertime yields drooping clusters of fragrant, creamy yellow flowers. Lindens perform best when planted in irrigated blue grass or with organic mulch. Use tree wrap to protect this tree's thin, young bark from winter sunscald.
Western Hackberry - $45
A Colorado native, the drought- and urban-tolerant Western Hackberry is one of our most adaptable and hardy trees. It grows relatively rapidly to a height of 50-70 feet with a variable, often upright oval, shape. In early fall, its small fleshy fruit changes to dark red or black, attracting Cedar Waxwings and other birds throughout winter. Plant this tree to provide urban wildlife with food and shelter!
State Street Maple - $45
The State Street Maple reaches 40 feet tall and 30 feet wide with an upright oval shape.  It has large, glossy dark green leaves, corky bark in youth, and yellow fall color.  This maple also has excellent drought and cold tolerance.



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