The James Fleming House

The Glory Days

Above: The Glory Days

1880's Architecture

Above: 1880's Architecture

Street View of the Front

Above: Street View of the Front

SOne on many repairs needed

Above: One on many repairs needed

Front Left

Above: Front Left

View from the backyard

Above: View from the backyard

Front  Right

Above: Front Right

City and County of Denver Landmark

Above: City and County of Denver Landmark

The James Fleming House is a historic stone house situated in Platt Park on South Grant Street. This lovely former home built by James Fleming in 1882 is the landmark of the Platt Park neighborhood and was the city hall for the City of South Denver before it was annexed by its neighbor to the north. Over the years, the house has been used as a library, as a meeting space for the South Side Women's Club and other nonprofits, and as a recreation center. The house has been underutilized in recent years. A few pool tables sit in the main room, and another room on the main floor was at one time converted to a wood working shop that is rarely used and is something of a hazard. The upstairs is mostly used for storage and is only accessed by an existing servants' stair. The interior is in desperate need of repair and refurbishment, something that will not happen given the budget constraints on the Parks and Recreation Department.

The Park People is working to rehabilitate the Fleming House. The first floor will be upgraded into a beautiful community space, available for a variety of meetings, events, and special gatherings. A reconstructed central staircase to the second floor will be installed where the original existed years ago; a bearing wall that was removed circa 1914 will be relocated to its original location. The second floor will be renovated for use by The Park People as our headquarters. Offices, work spaces, a break room, and a bathroom will all be updated using the existing layout of the top floor. Throughout the house, the floors and windows will be replaced and refurbished, along with updated electrical and plumbing to allow for the building’s expanded use. Where ever possible, fixtures and finishes will reflect the idea of a modern use for a historic structure. This project will breathe new life into this building, creating a public amenity for the Platt Park neighborhood and giving The Park People a larger home for its growing list of activities. The renovation will preserve this important historical structure going into the future, and The Park People’s presence will ensure that the Fleming House will receive the tender loving care that it deserves.

If you would like make a contribution towards the James Fleming Mansion, click here.

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