Save Our Sundial

The Park People has partnered with Denver's Department of Parks and Recreation to renovate and reconstruct the Sundial and Sundial Plaza in Cranmer Park.

The park is used by thousands of Denverites each year, and this generationally adored landmark holds a special place in the hearts of many Denver residents.  Many families have memories of the first time their child "summited the Sundial," of first sporting events, of engagements, weddings, graduations and other lifetime milestones all taking place at the sundial and plaza.

Built in the 1930s, this locally renowned plaza was crafted out of flagstone and has a beautiful terrazzo mosaic panorama depicting the Front Range mountains visible from the park.  Unfortunately, many years of exposure to Colorado's freeze-thaw weather and old construction practices have caused significant damage to the plaza, and vandals have damaged the sundial.  The sundial plaza is in such disrepair that it is on Colorado Preservation, Inc.'s list of Most Endangered Places 2013.

The Park People has been working with community leaders to raise the funds necessary to restore the sundial, the terrazzo panorama, and the sundial plaza.  The City of Denver has set aside $870,000 for this project, which is estimated to cost $1.8 million in its entirety.   By doing this project right - correcting structural deficiencies to create a lasting foundation for the plaza, we can preserve this community treasure for generations to come.

Visit our project website, to learn more about the project.